Why Reading is Important? 6 Reasons You Cannot Ignore!

why reading is important

“A book is a gift you can open again and again” said Garrison Keillor. Books are the real gifts that spare us from solitude and help us in many ways. Reading,  not only makes one learn and understand things but also helps to adopt good and beneficial habits. Thus, it becomes a natural habit. The reading of general books apart from the text books, entertain students as well as all and sundry. Let us answer why reading is important by exploring 6 of it’s benefits:

Effective Reasoning

Students read books included in their courses but sometimes they get stuck somewhere and then need help. So, they visit libraries or ask someone to provide them the required books. Reading challenges are interactive way to read more books and expand one’s knowledge. When you read a book, you definitely learn something but along with it different questions compel you to read more books and this continuous. Curiosity compels one to explore the world. This continuous cycle of curiosity, reading books and exploring more helps one with develop effective reasoning capabilities.

 Improved Communication

If you read more books, with the passage of time you will learn a lot of things. You will have knowledge of many fields. With time, you will be able to communicate with other people. The way people are convinced and impressed easily is adopted with time. Besides this, while dealing with various people of varied mentality you will face no hurdles, as you might have already read about them. All this becomes possible when one reads books and explores new fields. It is for the sake of effective communication we realize why reading is important.

read more books

Enhanced Imagination and Creative Thinking

When one reads books, either in soft form or hard form, one becomes skilled with time and able to understand the meaning behind printed words. For instance, if you are going through novels then you are getting aesthetic pleasure. But along with enjoyment something new is also learnt. Although some people are born imaginative but reading is also one of the reasons which compels one to think and think again over things. When one starts thinking, something new is created.  Either you become a critic or a fan of the author or the book. You are able to think better, imagine better and there is a famous quote by James Patterson, “Better readers are better thinkers”.

Reading Reduces Stress

Reading is a source to overcome our stress. According to a study conducted by University of Sussex,  reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels up to 68 %. There are many other ways to help reduce stress like walking, listening to music etc., but the most effective one is reading. If you make it a habit then your stress level, to some extent, will come to zero. Reading a book and diving into the fictitious stories that has no link to your regular routine can bring numerous benefits. It helps to escape from the stresses of everyday life.  It has physical benefits of reducing your heart rate and easing up muscle tension also.

reading reduces stress

Novel reading enhances connectivity in the brain and improves brain function. As the reader plunges into the story and empathizes with the character, one is able to solve the problems in the stories. This leads to a sense of achievement and success. Additionally, this helps develop problem solving skill also.

 Innovative Ideas Development

Reading is the key to achieve new ideas.  The more you read the better you lead. Listening is totally different from reading because when you read you become able to make pictures of the words. Once you start making pictures of the characters then you enjoy it to the fullest. You forget everything and escape from the reality for time being. After dipping from one into the other innovative pond, it is not hard to dive all the way in it.

Expansion of Horizon

Reading is one magical solution to your boredom. It’s not the written words, it’s the curiosity of the reader, that expands the mind. Books play a very important role for those who are going through the darkest hours. Books encourage them morally and guide them. If you want to broaden your horizons then learning is the only process. Learning can be done through reading. Reading widely and learning about new subjects that you might not normally be interested in helps a lot.  John Powell said that, “A person can grow only as much as his horizon allows”. So, try to broaden your horizon so that you can  grow more.

why is reading important for children

In a nutshell, the reasons of why reading is important can be summed up as wholesome benefit to the human mind. Things other than reading, like travelling can also help one learn but the easiest and the most inexpensive way is to read more books. However in the current state of situation, with increased distractions all around us, we need to develop and adopt good study habits to make reading a hobby.

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