5 Co-Education Advantages and Disadvantages You Don’t Want to Ignore

co educational school

Co-educational school is one where both the genders are taught in the same institution. This system of education aims at bring boys and girls together in the process of learning. The great Greek Philosopher Plato had propagated the system of co-education in the ancient times and enlightened the topic of co-education advantages and disadvantages . He believed that co-education will create a feeling of comradeship among boys and girls. Plato was a great supporter of the education of women. Therefore he felt that if men and women are taught together it will develop their personality to the maximum. They will not feel any shyness from each other. He advocated it as the only method though which both genders could become useful members of the society.

The Great debate on co-education advantages and disadvantages continues till date.

In the modern times, co educational school is prevalent in Europe and USA. However with each passing day, developing economies like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc. are also developing more co-educational schools. Let us now explore co ed schools pros and cons:

Economic Benefit of Co-Educational School

When boys and girls are taught together, there is no need of separate school for girls. Co-education is an economical system because both boys and girls can study in the same school and they can be taught by the same staff. This benefits economically to cater both the genders.

Confidence Building

Boys and girls are supposed to live together in the society. When they study together, they understand each other better.  Girls will not feel shy in the presence of boys and the same with boys. Students of co-educational school will be able to express their views in presences of members of opposite gender.Confidence will enhance in girls and they will be fully ready to face circumstances in their later life.

co education advantages and disadvantages

Healthy Competition

A boy or a girl who has studied in a coeducational school will have a sense of healthy competition among them. In this manner they work hard and pay serious attention to their studies. Also, a feeling of comradeship develops among boys and girls. Working together in class room and homework assignment provides boys and girls the opportunity to learn from each other intellectually as well as socially.

Balanced Personality

Discussing co-education advantages and disadvantages, we need to see the bigger picture. The boys who have studied in a coeducational school do not indulge in eve-teasing. On the other hand, girls are not be afraid of the boys. Thus they have a balanced development of their personality.

co ed schools pros and cons

Well Disciplined

It is also a common experience that the boys behave decently in the company of girls. They do not use rough and abusive language in the presence of girls. They also dress properly and talk mannerly. Thus, co-education will help reduce the problem of discipline among the students. In the western countries there is no separation between the girls and boys in schools. The girls study with the boys in the same schools and later on work with them in the same offices and factories.


The world is changing fast today and women are expected to stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the race of progress.  Co-education should not bar girls from education otherwise we will not be able to keep pace with the nations of the world. Having said that you might notice that the main theme of co-education advantages and disadvantages does not seem to have any disadvantage. Share with us your ideas if you think there is any disadvantage of it!

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