3 Ways Parental Involvement in Education can Impact the Learning of their Child

parental involvement in education

Parental Involvement in Education

The impact of parental involvement in education on the learning of their child is a very sensitive issue for the parents. There is a great relationship between student life and family’s impact on it. It is family from where a student starts his life in real sense. Educational departments come later and do hold a certain importance in a child’s life. Family has far more contribution than academics particularly during early childhood to help kids learn.

Personality Building and Upbringing

If it comes to personality building and upbringing, it is family that has more impact on a child’s life than academic departments. Parents can help a child excel in one’s academic life.  Similarly, a child may quit school due to stress coming from the family. Family is the first platform where a child gets to nurture and build one’s personality. Educated parents instill good personality traits in children emphasizing on reading, learning and adopting hobbies as part of the child’s personality. Additionally, the parent involvement in school gives the child a confidence to participate actively in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The synergistic effect of both then results to help kids learn.

Mental Development and Stability

Every student who is active and healthy has some sort of family support in his life. A child can excel in one’s education with the positive spirit of one’s family. On the other side, if a student remains depressed due to domestic disturbance and no parental involvement in education; there is less chance to lead a happy life. A child is said to be a student of two schools that is family or parents forming the real school and the school where he goes every day. A child should be confident and mentally stable enough to carry out well in both sorts of schools. Parent involvement in schools and exercises of practical life can help him nurture his own self to be mentally developed and stable. Parents need to bridge the gap between school and family. Parents’ teachers meeting can help with more parental involvement in education of their child.

parent involvement in schools

Emotional Intelligence and Well Being

Father and mother are the two basic pillars that supports the child the most. They are like two wheels for the life carriage to go with success. It is very important for the parents that they should play their role in bringing up of their children. After all they are the only ones that a child meets the most. Parents need to be well aware that a child follows one’s own parents’ behavior and emotional patterns. It has been observed that an aggressive father has usually an aggressive son. Similarly if a mother is outspoken and quarrelsome, the child is usually seen to be exhibiting similar behavior. Both for the reasons that the child adopts what he observes. Since a child gets to spend a lot of time with one’s mother, she is responsible to raise emotionally intelligent kids who know how to express their emotions well.

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Parental Involvement in Education can Impact the Learning of their Child for his whole life. A well brought up child with a confident personality, stable mentality and emotionally intelligence is rare but certainly possible. Parents’ role along with teachers’ support can help raise such children. These children are not only an asset to the family but also the pride of a nation.

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