How To Parent a Young Teen?

how to parent

How to parent a young teen is one of the most pressing questions, asked often in parental support programs. The immediate and massive changes which take place in the initial phase of the adulthood shakes the nurturing parenting of a child entirely and trembles one’s faith in him and his abilities. We should take ultimate care of the following points when raising teenagers:

Offer Parental Support

Understand the nature of young teen and treat him accordingly. Support him as per his skills. Never pressurize him for a thing that does not interest him. Firstly understanding should be there; you should understand him and his wishes and one thing should be kept in mind that your child can do better if he chooses a profession according to his will as compared to the one you wish them to opt. His thinking style may be different from yours but you could encourage him instead of being stuck to your opinion.

parental support

Boost Up Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

Your way of thinking about your young teen can change his mind and personality.  Your nurturing parenting can change his views, feeling, thoughts, ideas and even his behavior. Give parental support that he can do better than you and show him by various means that how much you are approving of him. Show your trust in him and his capabilities regarding fulfilling your expectations. This will help him gain self confidence and boosted self-esteem.

Set Limits & Be Consistent

The way you keep expectations and make him feel about it, you should also set limits that should not be crossed. A child should be allowed to do each and everything but it should be within limits. Sett some rules and regulations. It should be consistently observed that the individual follows the right direction. To make him obey your rules you should also be constant nature. If you would change your mind and decision related to him then he would definitely be affected.

How to Parent as Good Role Model

Young Teen would learn, intentionally or unintentionally, from your personality. Be careful about your own self first then you would be able to guide him. Your young one observes each and every thing about you; your habits, your ideas, your way of thinking, your way of walking, your way of dealing with people . If you do not obey your elders then you should not expect it from your child either.

Exercise Nurturing Parenting Principles

You might face some sort of difficulty in adjusting with your child but you have to try to adjust with him.Raising Teenagers is no joke. Otherwise you won’t be able to make the child perfect one and a confident one. Confrontations and hindrances would sprout but bear with it for the long run. Do not make your child the victim of generation gap and rather accept the changes which have taken place in the generation your teenage child belongs to.

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Provide Supportive & Loving Environment

Surrounding has a great effect on young teens. Environment provided to the child should be quite favorable and pleasant; this would automatically raise his moral standards. And this would be possible if you provide him a friendly environment. Frankness creates great understanding between parents and children. Child would easily share his problems and his desires and his point of view about things. The way he would describe things to you will be the result of your environment provided to him. This will also help you answer the various queries of how to parent a young teen.

Set Reasonable Financial Parameters

Child should be aware of your status and earning capability. Set your young teen free but after letting him know the consequences that he would face if he crosses the limits. Mentally he, thus, can prepare himself and won’t bother you by demanding high priced things.

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Listen Without Judgment

When your young teen comes to you and discusses something then before giving judgmental decision, listen to him first carefully and with all your ears.  Try to find the solution to the problems or think about the alternatives rather than crying over the spilt milk.


In order to help you how to parent a young teen, be a friend to him. Be open about your friendship. Respect his opinions. Help your child and be more involved in his life. Play your role in their education, career goals and life goals. Although raising teenagers could be a little bothersome at times. But, remember! This too shall pass!

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