How to Stop Procrastinating for a Better Life

how to stop procrastinating

Everyone is concerned about the goals and expected achievements of life. Everyday we are perplexed by the question ‘How to Stop Procrastinating for a Better Life?’ Choosing to be a decider or to remain a procrastinator is in one’s own hands. Let us make this easy for you. Why don’t you work smart to improve the quality of your life? Do you keep thinking to yourself ‘why do I procrastinate?’ in comparison with your colleagues, family and friends? Peter Drucker well stated in reference to this  “Management by objectives works if you first think through your objectives. Ninety percent of the time you haven’t.” Let’s find out 9 ways of overcoming procrastination:

Learning Never Ends

Let’s makeup our mind first to the acceptance of the diversified environment we are having in our lives. We as a human being are prone to the learning of different lifestyles and disciplines. It’s about opening to the new changes and new experiences which not only enhances our own expertise but also sparkles life with learning exposures. We need to make our mind and find out why do I procrastinate? Is it because of no motivation to learn new things? Or rigidity to accept changes?

Make a To-Do List

They say prioritizing the tasks makes you to meet the deadlines of your academic or office related assignments. Why not? Make a to-do list of the things whether it’s about shopping, grocery, or car washing. This will help in getting things done and overcoming procrastination.

overcoming procrastination

Harnessing Creativity

Not doing work is fine if you want to do average work.But what if your work is called as mediocre or below the line? Is your manager or supervisor constantly prompting you to stay up to mark ? Join the dots (complains) and work on the creativity slot of tasks one by one. You will not only watch the results but sprouting outcomes making you contented with your whole day activities but also satisfied supervisors. You will be overcoming procrastination by harnessing creativity and making your thought process clear.

Find Your Niche

Asking yourself about your own interests will take your few hours or minutes. Think on the majors of your own interests and analyze your personality that where it fits, if you find yourself good in any expertise then title yourself and stick to it by enhancing and watering the seeds on daily basis for growing the plant of your own. It is important to find your niche and work on it as it helps develop self motivation. This self motivation and discovery of self answers why do I procrastinate?

Delegation of Task

Are you taking stress of your daily life routine? Be confident in saying no to those tasks or activities when you feel over burden in your routine and eventually disturb your professional or personal life. Teaming up and delegating your tasks to your level minded colleagues or concerned person can make the work done too. Also, you never have to feel guilty about saying no to anyone, because it is your right. The solution to how to stop procrastinating can be well met with delegation of tasks and getting feedback for each.

Delegate Task avoid procrastination

Fitness Freak

Are we forgetting to tell you about your health focus? Alright! so be a fitness freak . The enthusiasm for your own self and health really would make you feel alive and living the genuine life. The happier you are, brilliant will be the consequences. Yoga, Running, A Walk, Healthy Diet are the basic concerns that can help you clear your mind and focus. A well focused mind finds solution to aid you answer how to stop procrastinating for a better life.

Managing the Wallet

Are you a finance manager at your company? The answer may be a No or Yes, but you are one in your own life! Budgeting your expenses and pre-planning about the expenditure will manage your buying and consumption of the goods. Also, saving few bucks on monthly basis will give your reward when you need it the most. Having money saved up can help you achieve a lot of ‘Life Goals’ that were pending on the list. This can in turn lead to avoiding procrastination.


Are you spending enough time with your own self? Book reading session, meditation or a prayer in solitude will be the best cure to handle your transitional lives including personal and professional. Take some time out and go for any peaceful site of your town, think on the things you regret you haven’t done in your past and feel how you make your present and future special by answering those. Untie the knots in your mind to shed off any worries or strands holding you back in life. Think, Rethink and decide in time  to take control of your life. Tell yourself that you can do it!

why do i procrastinate

Treat Yourself

In the end, everything matters but what matters the the most is that how much you are satisfied with your work and routine. What you can do is that to treat yourself with surrounding of some friends, or spending time with your family, going for the fantastic dinner in a restaurant with attractive ambiance and doing the charity or by giving your services voluntarily to the needy people of your town. When you treat yourself for the achievement of little goals you reinforce your subconscious for the good stuff you did. You realize that you have moved from the phase of  ‘how to stop procrastinating’ to actually doing things in your life. Congratulations! Give yourself a pat on your back and go make your To-Do List Now!

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