How To Increase Productivity | 5 Productivity Tips

how to increase productivity

“Enhance your potential to enhance the productivity” is the need of the time.  No productivity for the self means no productivity for society. This kind of aptitude of a person minuses the work force of an individual which could otherwise add value to the betterment of the self and the society. Developing effective strategies are thus very important to balance your plans. In order to increase productivity you should focus on time management in the execution of your activities.

Sometimes you feel you don’t have enough time to accomplish requirements; which lead to stress. To solve any issue, obviously the reasons behind the issue should be dealt with, in the first place. Then it will be easy for you to solve it effectively because you would have taken corrective steps against the reasons which are the root cause. When you solve the issues wisely, your day will be automatically productive for you and as well as for the society. There are few productivity tips that need to be focused on in order to enhance self potential which would automatically lead to increase productivity. Let’s explore them one by one.

5 Productivity Tips To Help Increase Productivity:

Make A List Of Activities

First of all you need to develop a list of your normal daily based activities. Prepare a schedule for at least the whole week. This enlisting of activities is effective especially for those who are over obsessed with lots of work burden and often face forgetfulness. Ultimately, the list will help you to organize your activities and would save both your time and labor,  resultant being increase productivity. This will simply happen when you will mark and avoid doing the time wasting and unproductive activities.

increase productivity make a list

Plan The Day

Start your day with a plan in your mind. Those who claim having lack of time are just lazy. Such lazy fellows consider plan making, time consuming but making plans is the most effective way to have better results. This is very important aspect of your life that you plan your day to set your goals. If you fail to make plans you will fail every day in every aspect; because planning is the key to success and increase productivity. Planning your examination day can help with attempting your exam and to help you with that you can find out more about how to study for a test and tips and tricks related to it. Planning your day related to work, appearing for an interview after studying tips and tricks to help you land the job  or anything of the sort will help increase productivity manifolds.

productivity tips plan your day

Set A Clear Goal

Another one of productivity tips is setting up of goals. In your planning you create and prioritize the activities to accomplish them before the end of the day. Here you need to set the goals for your activities. If you have set your goals in a better way for each activity no doubt success is waiting for you. If you have long term goals break them into parts and deal them as short goals. Make each one of it a milestone and try to target each of them. It will make everything easy for you.

Get Organized

Be well organized for effective time management. If you do not do that it will ruin all your efforts of the day. After setting your goals try to organize according to them. Organize your activities by sorting them priority wise. If you successfully organize your tasks you will be able to fulfill them on time in a good way thus helping you increase productivity.

increase productivity and organize

Avoid Sluggishness

After listing the activities, making plans, getting organized another one of the productivity tips is the ugly issue of sluggishness. The remedy of sluggishness is only getting started. Once you force yourself to start your task, you, most likely, will keep going with it.

increase productivity avoid slugishness

Conclusion: PARETO or 80/20 Principle of Business

Concluding the 5 productivity tips on Pareto Principle, a principle named after economist Vilfredo Pareto, which specifies an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs. The principle states that 20% of the invested input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained. In terms of personal time management, 80% of your work-related output could come from only 20% of your time at work.

This principle teaches us a great lesson that is, with just 20% of a sincere labor done with full conviction may give 80% of the output. This 20/80 ratio may be manipulated wishfully and willfully to help increase productivity.

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