5 Issues In Education And Their Proposed Solutions For Students

issues in education

Problems are part of the lives of people coming from all walks of life. Such problems exert different influences on its victims. Some people take it lightly until they grow gruesome and some others address them well on time to contain it from becoming a terminal thing. One should not be afraid of problems as Ernest Hemingway has rightly said in his famous novel “The Old Man and the Sea” that ‘Problems are our friends and brothers; man cannot be defeated as man is not made for defeat.’ No doubt there are issues in education and challenges faced by students. We should face the problems courageously and instead of giving in, conquer them. The issues discussed in this article are with respect to acquiring education and are faced as challenges by students.

Some of the common issues in education and their proposed solutions are:

Issues in Course Selection

If a student is not guided well from the beginning of his education, in the mid he will not be sure about his course selection. If a student is unsure about the courses and which procedures should be followed to get the right way then he would definitely face problems. This will lead to switching of fields and courses at late times which is not good for the career. This is also one of the major causes of school anxiety.


  • First of all a student should be guided well from the beginning that could help him in his decision making power for his course and field selection.
  • If it is not done in the start, he can still follow the procedure of career path selection to find out the best field and course that suits him. One can also concern any counselor to guide one available in one’s college or school.

Financial Issues in Education

In the current day and age, it is very difficult to afford educational expenses by the parents. Many students stop education and start earning for their family survival. The students who live outside their home cities face financial issues. In the mid of the month, they face a shortage of money and their parents cannot support them resulting in one of the crucial issues in education. Student faces school anxiety, depression, isolation from society and lack of motivation and interest in personal grooming.

financial issues in education


  • Students need to realize that the problem is not with the financial status of their families. The real problem is with the students’ financial management. Students need to manage the money and stop spending it on luxuries at the start of the month.
  • Some schools/colleges offer financial aid for needy students. This can help a student pursue their education and curb school anxiety related to financial issues. Even students can earn money by doing part time job to assist their educational expenses but this should not disturb the principal purpose that is acquiring education.

Lack of Career Guidance

Everyone is worried about the career and selection of field. This is one of the most pressing issues in education, which is the lack of career guidance. Students are very much confused with the field selection. They think the field they have selected has no scope in the market. They always blame their parents and teachers for the lack of career guidance in their lives, resulting in even greater school anxiety and guilt. Keeping all this in mind and doing nothing will push you towards failure and nothing else.


  • No field has scope; the scope lies within the person. If one is able to do anything one can choose any subject and achieve one’s goals with good spirit.
  • In today’s technological world, it is untrue to say that one is facing issues with career guidance and counseling. Technology has made everything easily accessible; everything regarding education and professional counseling is available over the internet. There are forums to share your issues for getting better suggestions.


This problem is especially faced by those who are boarders and they are away from their homes. Shifting from home to any alien city/country for the sake of getting an education for the first time can be difficult. This issue is more common with the new students who are more loving among their siblings and are over-dependent over a particular lifestyle which is not possible out the house. No one may be expected to be at your becks and calls in the hostel.

homesickness issues in education


  • Engage in co-curricular activities which are organized inside and outside the campus. This will get you involved in many activities and events held in the college/university which will increase motivation and produce interest for being there.
  • Adopt a productive habit, like reading. This will also help in development of your mind and personality.
  • Acquire a part time job, save money and plan visiting back home in vacations. This will help you with planning vacations/events and financial management in your life.

Depression In College Students

In student life, exams and study could be always stressful because we feel under pressure to bring better results for face-saving before our family and friends. Depressions follow in every stage of life but it does not mean that we lose our hope and get stressed for a long time. Depression in college students is more so because of high expectations and not being able to meet them. This is one of the gravest issues in education which needs to be addressed well in time. It is reasons like these that result in suicidal news.

depression in college students let your light shine


  • If someone is going through this situation one should make oneself psychologically powerful and brave to stand against the hard situation.
  • One should know that if this depression and stress takes over your mind and stays there for a long time then all your skills would be ruined. Mind that start of tension is the end of talent and free thinking. Watch some motivational videos which are available on the internet.
  • Read some motivational articles or stories of people who faced hardships and then built themselves from scratch.
  • The best way to help depression in college students is to write down your emotions in your diary or share your concerns with your closest friend.

Social Problems

You are lucky if you have friends in society because socialization prepares you to participate in experiences in society. It will help you in developing your peoples’ skills and personality but we know that excess of anything is not good so is the case in here. If your relationships and friends’ network takes over the control of your life and emotions, then it will become so hard to get back everything into its original state in your life. Sometimes relationships become nothing other than distractions.

school anxiety everyday is a fresh start


  • You need to realize that no one cares about you and your success more than you do. Make a timetable and set a time frame fro socializing.
  • No doubt socialization is a very important part of life, but it is just a part of life not your entire life. So be careful who you be friends with.
  • Keeping your society interested in you works well when you become successful in your life. If you are successful you will have more friends and relationships.


These are some of the most common issues in education that students face in their lives. However, nobody discusses them. On the other hand, when discussing issues in education, organizational or policy level issues are usually focused. However, we need to keep our students in mind when discussing this perspective. For detailed guidance and for finding solutions to any specific problems if any, search for the online resources of career counselling or consult any counsellor in your vicinity/school/college.

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