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Most of the aspirants of competitive exams, like CSS Test, join academies for CSS Class. Some of them have personal trainers and mentors who guide them. These gurus of competitive exams’ preparation share their experiences but mostly they stick to the syllabus. The aspirants and the academy management also aim to cover course on time. This race of covering syllabus restricts them to focus on other major areas of the preparation. In this article, however, we will discuss the best way to study for CSS test to help you be successful in competitive exams.

Best Way To Study For CSS Test

Be a Morning Lark

It is quite challenging for most of us to get up early in the morning. An emphasis on this point is important because science, religion and sacred manuscripts also insist on it. The study of great personalities uncovers this dormant truth that they all were morning larks not night owls. Most of the students are observed to have late night study habits. This is not a good habit because in day time we lose 57-60% mental receptive efficiency. The leftover 40 to 43% efficiency is not sufficient for the preparation.

best way to study is wake up early

To be specific, it is suggested for the aspirants aiming to appear for CSS test to get up at 4 O’clock. No matter whatever your sleeping time is. This suggestion is quite demanding and hard to practice but you have to follow this as this is one of the best way to study for CSS Test. Only this way, you can utilize 100% cognitive potency to achieve your targets.

Adopt 50/10 Rule

It is a quite new idea for the CSS Class aspirants but is surely one of the best way to study for CSS Test. This rule demands you to work 50 minutes and take 10 minute break. It is also scientifically proved that our mind can effectively work for 53 minutes continuously. It means we should take breaks of 10 minute while preparation.

css class take a break

Now the question arises that what should be done during this 10 minutes pause?  How would it be possible to manage time for play while preparing for the competitive exams (CSS Test)? A good solution is to to perform some physical activity during this break. You can take push-ups, sit-ups, clean your room or arrange your books. Do anything that would engage you physically. This physical activity will refresh your mind and increases picking power. Do not sit idle because our mind does not work like our body. It refreshes with a change in an activity unlike our body which may be refreshed for physical labor just by taking a short or long nap or rest.

Read and Watch Inspirational Stuff

Competitive Exams (CSS Test) preparation activities are quite long and time demanding. You need to be persistent to accomplish your quest. You might face societal discouragement. People will call you jobless or a useless fellow passing on demotivating remarks and bullying relatives and friends. Consequently, you will have heart break and might quit preparation. At that time you need motivation. How would you get it? The answer is pretty simple. Watch motivational videos and read motivational books. Do not watch too long videos. Start from 2 to 3 minutes videos and with the passage of time you might watch long videos. This activity will not only increase your motivation but also enhance your listening skills.

best way to study is to keep your motivation

There is an axiom, ‘good books are good friends’. It is also a fact that every successful person has a reading habit. When you read you get knowledge. When you get knowledge you will be successful. This is why, it is suggested that the CSS Class aspirants  should read books and get motivation. This habit will help you to understand the views of successful people. This way you will not get disheartened. If you do not have any idea to what books to read, read the books of great psychologist Dale Carnegie. Some of his books are: ”How to stop Worrying and Start Living”, ”How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job” and the most important one is ”The Leader in You”. This strategy would prove to be one of the best way to study for CSS test and building a reading habit simultaneously.

Take Proper Diet

They say, “Health is wealth”. It is most important for CSS Class aspirants to take proper and balanced diet. Consult a Nutritionist to know about healthy diet or include two food items to your menu:

  1. First one is fish. This food provides energy to brain. Fish rich diet is important for maintaining optimal brain health and prevent onset of dementia.
  2. In addition to this, you have to take one table spoon of honey. You can take it directly or mix it in water and drink early in the morning. The researches have proved that “the polyphenol properties of honey can counter oxidative stress, restore our cellular antioxidant defence system and hence are helpful in improving memory deficits (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2014).”
eat honey to boost brain for css test

Furthermore, Argentinean study on “the chemical composition of honey found that honey helped in building and developing the central nervous system of children and could reduce anxiety, improve memory and learning, and enhance intellectual performance later in live (Journal of the Argentine Chemical Society, Vol. 96, no. 2, 2008).” That is why, it is strongly recommend to have fish once or twice in a week and honey on daily basis.


So to sum up the best way to study for CSS Test includes getting up early in the morning, taking breaks while studying, reading and watching motivational stuff and taking a balanced diet. If you follow these tips and tricks, work on increasing your productivity,  with your routine preparation then you can easily achieve your targets.

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