About Us

  Welcome to Counsellors Home, your go-to source for counselling, guidance and therapy on a self-help basis. We’re dedicated to giving you the emotional awareness leading to guidance and self-help to resolve tangled emotions. We focus on being more open about unresolved emotions while maintaining the privacy of each individual. Founded in 2018, Counsellors Home aims to go a long way with the help of a dedicated and passionate team. We strive to make the emotional health of our society better and improve the quality of life of people. The first step to seek help is to be ‘aware of the need’ of help. Our comprehensive research and guidelines at Counsellors Home can prove to be a beacon of light in your life. You can get help through Counsellors Home for Relationship CounsellingFamily CounsellingTeachers CounsellingCareer Counselling and Emotional Counselling  We have a Team of Expert Counsellors who provide the insights, guidelines and counselling.  Our team has the expertise and experience of dealing with people facing issues in their personal and professional life. These issues prove to be a hindrance in the personal and professional growth of people and need to be addressed. Additionally, tips and tricks for self-help on our platform can help you lead a better life. We hope you heal through your stay on Counsellors Home. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.