Career guidance, Briefly Described is guiding the individuals, whether in their Student or Professional life to make better and informed decisions in their career lives. It has become a dire need of the time as more and more people are making wrong decisions due to lack of information and then regret those decisions. Many young people graduate without basic understanding of career planning. It is never too late to start thinking about your career and never too late to make a change if you are looking for something new.

Through proper guidance an individual can gather information about different fields of study, explore his natural abilities and can match them to make informed decisions. Thus he can make plans about his career and execute those plans to achieve the goals he sets.

Realizing this, we here at CounsellorsHome provide you with information which would be extremely helpful in every stage of your career life. Be it the early childhood development, your adult student life or your professional life. On this site you will find information and resources to help you in making decisions about your career. We hope to help students, teachers, parents and institutions teach the basic steps in career planning.


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