Professional Development

Professional Devolepment Phases

Man goes through different stages from the birth to the burial, it is a journey of professional development. There comes a stage when an individual starts taking responsibilities as a change agent for the family, society, country or region where one belongs. This is the stage where one starts to improve the skills and competencies in order to get maximum efficiency out of work done. Hence professional development is all about improving skills and abilities to produce better results as time passes on. This is an ongoing process which will never stop and it depends on person’s seriousness with the job. People who are serious with their jobs and work hard to get their targets and never repeat their mistakes again and again, are professionally developed people.

Planning for professional development is an important aspect of all our professional responsibilities. An effective career planning involves keeping in mind the past, look beyond the present and taking a long term look at our careers.

Professional development is an essential part of our professional lives. As an engineer, doctor, teacher, accountant, business person, lawyers and people from different professions, we have to learn things and apply those skills in order to improve the efficiency of our jobs.

Stages of Professional Development

Professional Career Phases

Initial Career Stage 

This is the stage where you are graduated or lost your job or you are thinking to switch your job from current one you have. This is the job search stage and don’t worry you have lot of platforms to use in order to get a job.

Tips to enhance your job search

  • Your CV or resume should be strong and loud. You should be clear about your CV and resume and find the spots to remove and improve. Update your resume every time and upload on every possible social media platform like Linkedin, Brightspyre or any other job searching sites.
  • This is the era of technology so sign up through email on every possible platform in order to maximize the opportunities of being recruited.
  • This world is now a global village and you should have a wider social circle. You would have friends, friends of friends who might have job opportunities appropriate for you. Contact people on your network and do know about their organizations they work for. So that they contact you whenever they have anything appropriate for you.
  • Other than online way of job search, do follow a traditional way of searching jobs taking your resume and visiting different organizations and institutions in order to get a job not been advertised.
  • Stay in contact with your college and university friends so that they can have better offer for you.
  • Apart from Linkedin and Brightspyre, you may get help in finding jobs on social media sites like Facbook and Twitter.

Motivation is the only thing that can strengthen your thoughts and make you strive for your success. Getting job is not an easy task and it will take time so don’t take stress and never give up. Your job hunt will prove successful, even it becomes hard, time taking, frustrating and disheartening but only and only if you don’t lose heart. So always stay motivated and keep on your hard work.

Mid Career Stage

This is a stage where you start your job as an engineer, doctor, lawyer or any other professional and you think of doing it in a proper way to get your targets on time so that you have a better impression on your boss and get bonuses and promotion.

Phases of Professional Development

Professional Devolepment Phases

Knowledge Construction

The purpose of this phase is to get knowledge about the field so that you can make a conceptual understanding and make your grip strong in each and every aspect. This is only possible if you are keen to learn something and you are consistent in your job. This may include self-study, workshops, sharing new things with peers, goal setting and assessing needs.


This is the phase which is followed by knowledge construction and it includes your observations about each and every thing happening in your vicinity. Observe things keenly and properly. By observation we mean, taking things in a creative way and finding different ways to do same task. This is how you can improve your visualization power and thus you can do grim tasks in an efficient way.

Following Observation

Following your observations you can improve your visualization power. It drives you toward efficient work hence it can save your time. Saving your time and your company’s time is one of today’s prerequisites.

Reflection of Experience

When the time passes on, you can have a better understanding of your job and here starts your way of doing things. Experience is the knowledge comes from involvement and exposure.


When you are well aware of your pitfalls then you start working on them. This is how you can modify your thinking and your way of doing things.


Eliminating your mistakes and working continuously in an efficient way will lead you to perfection. Your wisdom, non-stop hard work and acceptance of failure will lead you to perfection. This perfection will lead you to success.


Here you are the one who start mentoring other people around you about your field by sharing your knowledge and experience. Your activities in this phase might be like mentoring, lecturing, planning and advising.

In a nutshell, mid phase of professional development includes the professional era. An individual starts working, after completing the required training or education and goes home after 60 year of age which comprises the professional era.

Steps of Professional Development

This is the phase where everyone start learning things through practical implementation and this is real life experience. After starting your career, you should assess yourself and explore different options available around. Develop skills from your day job and everyday activities. Stay focus and use those skills for your own development so that you can get your desire goal on time.

Senior Career Stage

This phase contain the last decade of your professional development era. Here you have reached to your full potential and you can guide people around and suggest better ways for sustaining and developing the company on a right track. Your activities in this phase might be guiding, managing, instructing, mentoring and strategy making.