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The contemporary world has changed the minds of the people and it has motivated the modern minds to revisit their list of preferences; it has urged to redefine matter, material and wealth. The world that God had created was a much different world from today’s world. Then Darwin’s theory of evolution and the theories of survival of the fittest looked childish and result of extreme of depression and pessimism. Darwin thus caused a severe clash between religion and science but in the modern times, man has manipulated the world and has turned it into a pressure cooker. We are...

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How to Study

Dr. Malleson, the Director of the University of London Research Unit for Student Problems, tries to answer this question. The advice he gives is directed at university and college students, who spend less time in class and more in private study. There is a lot of misunderstanding about studying. Most students have not been taught the principles behind really effective working. Imagine a graph showing the amount of a person learns against the number of hours he works in a day. If he doesn’t do any work, he learns nothing. If he does two hours’ work, he learns about...

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Child Motivation

Plutarch, the Greek biographer and essayist was educated in Athens and is believed to have traveled to Egypt and Italy and to have lectured in Rome on moral philosophy. He frequently visited Athens and was a priest in the temple at Delphi. Many of the treatises he wrote are probably based on his lecture notes. To his students, Plutarch was regarded as a genial guide, philosopher, and spiritual director. Plutarch is famous for his saying, “the mind is not a VESSEL to be filled but a FIRE to be kindled.” This line sets some cardinal lines for a life...

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Farsightedness and The Nation Building

No venture is as demanding and huge as is the burden to pass on a nation towards a prosperous and promising end in a quagmire, as it entails the future of billions of living souls. In addition to it, no chance can be taken while drawing the black and white sketch of the future of a people as it is akin to risking those lives that are looking with hopes towards those heads which they have trusted with the portfolio to row the ship of the nation. Devising national policies is in no way a script of any Hollywood...

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