Author: Shehzad Ahmed Sahir

Withstand and Shine; Give up and Wither Away Choice is Yours

The world is full of harsh realities and unstoppable challenges. Every step confronts a new obstacle. Opposite forces slap us; bump us; and push us back. A hurricane makes things invisible and wraps things inside; crushes and takes away. The atmosphere seems harsh and rude. The strength of the body decreases and one becomes feeble. All the doors appear to be closed upon; despair engulfs zeal of life. The violent circumstances dash passion, hope, energy and enthusiasm of life. This is the time one should rise from the ashes like a phoenix. This is the time when a person...

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Everything is possible in Life

Prologue It is a common maxim that ‘nothing is impossible’. Indeed, it is, but when it comes to practical life, people forget about this golden axiom. In language classes, debate competitions and in a dramatic society of colleges and schools, potential students seem reluctant. They think that they cannot master any art. Various factors are responsible for this phobic condition. Some people think that they do not have appealing looks and body language; others seem hesitant about public bullying and mocking. Both the groups think that people will laugh at them. In addition to this, there is another extremely...

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Unlock the Prison House of Your Mind

The Human has been confronting with inexpugnable troubles since the world’s creation.  This race has been going through enormous evolutionary phases. With the passage of time, the human mind has been making various inventions to facilitate the entire race. The advancement in human life pushed him behind the bars of the mental prison.  The improvement in human’s life brought more worries than joys. From hunting and gathering societies to pastoral societies; horticultural to agricultural societies; and industrial to post-industrial societies, the worries of people have been rampantly increased. Now the question is; who is responsible for the persistent despair...

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Don’t Follow the Mob

Most of the students seem confused about choosing what discipline to follow at university after they are done with their higher secondary education. The biggest question raise in their minds is, which profession should be opted. Majority of them start following the mob; they choose the area of study that is selected by the majority. Such absurd decisions can be catastrophic. It is the job of professional career counsellors, mentors, parents and the professors to bring the students out of this dubious situation and help them choosing the field pertinent to them in terms of their aptitude. A high...

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Most Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

  Tell me about yourself or run me through your resume. Freshers: I am privileged to introduce myself. I am __ [Full Name] ___. I live in __[City]__. I have recently completed my Masters/Graduation degree in ___ [Highest Degree’s Name] __ from __ [Degree awarded Institution’s or University’s Full name] __. In addition to this, I have completed my diploma in __[Certification]__ course from __ [Certificate awarded Institute’s/academy’s or university’s name]. I am also computer literate and have (multilingual) bilingual skills. Moreover, I have presentation and program management skills. Experienced: I am privileged to introduce myself. I am ____...

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