Author: Farah Abbasi

Impact of Family on the Learning of Student

The impact of family on the learning of student is a very sensitive issue for the parents. There is a great relationship between student life and family’s impact on it. It is family from where a student starts his life in real sense. Educational departments come later which have also importance in his life. Family has far more contribution than academics particularly during teen age. Student life is to do a big deal with both family and school, for him both play vital role. If it comes to personal building and upbringing, it is family that has more impact...

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Role of Parents in Socialization of Children

Brainpower is the only factor of child’s success in school and later on in life. It is very important to develop certain character traits of the child, so that the intellect would fully come to the fore. Parents build a foundation which is to shape the child’s self confidence, independence and desire for research and learning. The most important features that the child needs to develop are: the sense of responsibility; self confidence and independence.  These features or traits of character are primarily developed through interactions between parents and children in the family. Parents should assign different demands and...

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