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Author: Fahad


Decision making is part and parcel of individuals’ everyday life. There are easy decisions to make and there are difficult ones which test the mental faculty of human beings. Sometimes while making a decision you feel nervous because that could affect your whole life. Wrong decisions can send you into a fit of anxiety when you look back into them. Over-thinking and compulsively analyzing about any decision doesn’t give you good results other than frustration. You can get good results only by following proper way of decision making.  You will need to learn how to make wise decisions in...

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ORGANIZE YOUR TIME The purpose of time organization is to take control of the activities you have to do in a time period. By managing and organizing your time you will be more productive and you will improve the quality of work. To organize your time you only need to make a timetable for all your daily activities. Give enough time to each of the activities. Try to not mix-up your activities in timetable. Make a priority list and definitely, studying should fall on the top of your priorities. Spare time for it and never compromise on its timing....

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Manage your day to Enhance your Productivity

“Enhance your potential to enhance the productivity” is the need of the time.  No productivity for the self means no productivity for society. This kind of aptitude of a person minuses the work force of an individual which could otherwise add value to the betterment of the self and the society. Developing effective strategies are thus very important to balance your plans. For being productive you should focus on time management in the execution of your activities. Sometimes you feel you don’t have enough time to accomplish requirements; which lead to stress. To solve any issue, obviously the reasons...

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Things to be Avoided at Workplace

POLITICAL AFFINITY Many of the offices have policies and guidelines that prohibit publicizing of any political party. Avoid wearing political clothing or bringing campaign material into the office area. Ethically you are not forbidden to discuss about politics or religion but during the discussion you may not know that you are hurting someone’s emotions. Expressing your thoughts about politicians will show your personality and way of thinking. The people around you make their minds about you and start treating you the way they got you from your discussions. UNDERESTIMATING OTHERS It is very important to have supportive relationship with...

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Challenges Faced by Students

Problems are part of the lives of people coming from all walks of lives. Such problems exert different influences on its victims. Some people take it lightly until they grow gruesome and some others address them well on time to contain it from becoming a terminal thing. Man should not be afraid of problems as Ernest Hemingway has rightly said in his famous novel The Old Man and the Sea that problems are our friends and brothers; man cannot be defeated as man is not made for defeat. No doubt there are challenges for the students. We should face...

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