How to Stay Positive

how to stay positive

We face different people with different set of minds on daily basis in our lives and the difficult part is we cannot ignore anyone in personal or professional life. They are directly and indirectly connected to our affairs of life. If someone makes you upset or causes you a lot of grief that doesn’t mean that you start keeping yourself away from him. You should stay positive and learn the art of living with disagreements in society which is the expected behavior from the individuals of a society.


Successful people challenge negative thinking in their lives. Don’t let negative thoughts dominate you for a long time, otherwise that will spoil you. Keeping negative thought for a long time is like keeping pinched needle in your body part for long time. Learn the art of being happy in your life. It will help you in getting success in your life.  The early you release the negative thoughts the early you will get the key to success.


Whenever you feel disappointment and disparity or inferiority complex dominate you; start recalling your previous achievements. When you recall your achievements, you start overshadowing that situation.  These past successes make you happy. In this way you can change your mood. Your past achievements encourage and reinforce you. It must be kept in mind; no situation can be permanent.  In this way you can change your thoughts.


When you meet somebody or when somebody meets with you always greet with a smiling face. When you greet others in good manner others will love to be in your company. It doesn’t matter whether he is in good or bad mood, his attitude will be good to you. Greeting has strong relation with your personality.  It makes your personality more attractive. Everybody wants to be greeted in a very decent manner, others want to be praised. If they become happy by your positive attitude, then you should respond accordingly. In this way your relationship will be stronger and stronger.


Gratitude has strong relation with your mental satisfaction. If you are not thankful to your life, you cannot remain happy. Always be grateful for what is happening at time, this practice will make you satisfy with your life and you will remain happy forever. The impact of each gratitude may be small but the collective effect will be bigger and will make your life very much happy and easy. In one sentence conclusion we can say, positivity is addition and means addition of good things. We are social animals; remain positive means invite positivity. Do not keep your expectations high from others as if the same are not met, you may hurt; no expectations means no grief. Appreciate the good things coming from others but do not expect them and in the meanwhile, do not abstain yourself from doing good deeds and selfless favors to others. Gradually the world would know that when two positives meet the product is also positive. So, remain positive and celebrate your lives on daily basis.

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