Job satisfaction versus professional satisfaction

The world is a medley of professions and occupations. Each profession has its own specific role and importance which can’t be replaced by another. According to a research, there are 956 types of professions which are further categorized into various sub-professions. When a person enters the job market, or even in his student life, he begins to ask himself different questions. What is the relationship between a desired profession and success? Will a person be able to succeed if he isn’t in the line of profession of his liking? Although a person wonders about these questions he rarely goes out seeking answers to these. Apart from these there are different aspects of one’s career which he is not even aware of. If we get rid of this lazy attitude and become more responsible, we can certainly find answers to our questions.

Here, I want to share some of my insights on this debate. There are certain things that I want to highlight here, which, according to me, hold great significance in becoming successful in one’s career.

Profession should be of your choice

Getting into the profession of your choice will, certainly, help you in becoming successful. If you have chosen your profession yourself and you love what you do then you won’t get tired or bored with your job. You will do your job with utmost focus and concentration and you won’t get distracted easily. You will be so lost in your job that you will lose track of time. And eventually it will become your passion.

Respect your profession

While at a job, don’t focus on its negative points; rather try to concentrate on what you like about it. This way you can start respecting your job and will, eventually, start loving it. Once that happens then success becomes inevitable. If you start doing your job with love and put more effort into it, it will return the favor by giving you fame and success.

Make your profession successful

You must keep yourself abreast of the developments in your field and profession. The world is developing rapidly and we must keep up pace with it or we will be left behind. We must always be aware of the developments in our field and make sure we are up to date with them. We must also help our colleagues in keeping up the pace with the ever developing world. We have to be honest with our professions. We shouldn’t think of our professions as just a way to earn money. We must do it with all our heart so that we can truly become successful.

Money is not everything

If we think of our professions as just a way to earn money then we cannot progress in what we are doing. Granted, earning is an important feature of one’s profession but it isn’t everything. We can also earn respect, fame and peace from our professions if we go about it the right way. This way you can find true happiness as well as money.

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