Everything is possible in Life

every thing is possible in life


It is a common maxim that ‘nothing is impossible’. Indeed, it is, but when it comes to practical life, people forget about this golden axiom. In language classes, debate competitions and in a dramatic society of colleges and schools, potential students seem reluctant. They think that they cannot master any art. Various factors are responsible for this phobic condition. Some people think that they do not have appealing looks and body language; others seem hesitant about public bullying and mocking. Both the groups think that people will laugh at them. In addition to this, there is another extremely introverted group who pretends that they do not have any ability to show their individuality. This is the most drastic one.

Appearances do not Matter

The people who are always thinking about their outlook or appearance as their biggest disadvantage are bullying themselves. Such people are their own worst enemy. In fact, nobody notices about the prettiness or ugliness of this group. Whether, the person is ugly, dwarf, black, fat, skinny, tall, bald, or hairy, nobody is there to criticize him/her 24/7. It is that person who is noticing and subconsciously bullying himself. Here are some examples of the world’s ugliest celebrities who did not care about their looks and became the most famous personalities of the world.
Mickle Jackson is one of the prominent examples. He was a black singer who underwent various facial surgeries. He used to change his nose on daily basis. But this ugly man made a big name in the world. Another example is the famous ugly superstar is Michael Berryman. In one article published on www.oddee.com tells about this actor as “This actor born in LA, suffers from Hyperhidrosis Ectodermal Dysplasia (a rare condition leaving him with no sweat glands, hair, fingernails or teeth)” (http://Oddee.com). But this man is known to the world. He did not care about his outlooks and became a super star. Furthermore, the same website writes about Shane MacGowan that “This Irish musician is best known as the original singer and songwriter with The Pogues, and is considered one of the most important and poetic Irish songwriters of the last thirty years. He’s terribly horrible (www.oddee.com).” There are several other examples of apparently ugly people who did not care about their outlooks and made their names.

God bestows one or more abilities to everybody

God created every human with one or more qualities. But adversity is, people are not familiar with their own talents. It would be erroneous to think that they have nothing to deliver to show their identity. They become more and more introverted day by day. These sorts of people underestimate their own self. The society also discourages such people. In this way, everything goes against them. Eventually, they face devastating repercussions. If you have such sort of personality, delay not, and get a help of professional counselors.
It is fact that everybody has some hidden capabilities. These capabilities can be identified with the help of professional counselors or mentors. Your college lectures, professors, and supervisors can uncover latent skills. They can be the best sources to encourage you to do something unique to show your personality. First, you should identify your skills then you can make anything possible. We can have several examples in this regard. A well-known Pakistani deceased Comedy Guru/actor Rangeela was the shyest persons of his time. He was the ugly, short height, and introverted but he tried to make his identity and now even after his death, he is still alive in the hearts of billions of people.


It can be concluded that nobody is useless or without skills in this world. In addition to this, appearances also do not matter at all. The sleeping skills in everybody body need to be discovered and instigated. This is not a child’s play to uncover the hidden potentials of anybody. Everybody cannot do this job. So, to make it possible we need to get help from the experts. But one last thing should be kept in mind, ‘nothing is impossible in this world’. Anything can happen anytime. Try to explore that in YOU!!!

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