Unlock the Prison House of Your Mind

Unlock the Prison House of Your Mind

The Human has been confronting with inexpugnable troubles since the world’s creation.  This race has been going through enormous evolutionary phases. With the passage of time, the human mind has been making various inventions to facilitate the entire race. The advancement in human life pushed him behind the bars of the mental prison.  The improvement in human’s life brought more worries than joys. From hunting and gathering societies to pastoral societies; horticultural to agricultural societies; and industrial to post-industrial societies, the worries of people have been rampantly increased. Now the question is; who is responsible for the persistent despair and chaos in human’ life? Is human, society or any other intangible entity that is engulfing the pleasures of life? Who has thrown this creature as deep as were the blind dungeons of the ancient castles? Whatever the answers would be, one fact cannot be denied that if there is an ailment there will be a remedy. Here the paradox is; human mind itself is the ailment and the cure at the same time. Therefore, how the human being can get rid of these entire problems; has been clearly articulated in this article along with the possible way outs.


This heading is rephrased rule given by Mr. Sean Stephenson in his psychological therapeutic speech on TDX Group. He says “Never believe a prediction that doesn’t empower you” (June 12, 2014). In spite of being a handicap, this man is one of the most successful and satisfied persons of the world. The question can be raised here. How can a cripple be the most contented man in the world? What is the secret of his self-confidence and success? This man of iron-will answers; “somebody pities me, he wastes his time because I have chosen a life of strength” (June 12, 2014). This life of strength means he is mentally strong and suggests to people to break the shackles of their mind.

When Stephenson born, all the doctors said that; ” kid will die within 24 hours” but he lives. He delivers his speech to cure humanity after 35 years and says; “After 35 years, all those doctors are dead and ‘I’ am the only doctor, that remains” (June 12, 2014). Here he gives a message to the human race to ignore the prophecies that do not give you strength. Only believe the stuff that gives you power and strength to grow. Accept things that please you.


This is you yourself who can be your best friend or worst enemy. People around you are always okay with your poor condition. They can show pity or can bully you but do not listen to them. The most terrible situation comes when the person himself seek pity or start bullying himself. It is venom that does not have any antidote except your strong will to smash it under your boots. The human being is not born to collect sympathy and pity but to play a role to move this world ahead.

The problem is, from centuries, people have been confining themselves in the cocoons. They have been influenced by the discouraging external factors. Now, it is time to rethink about life. People should stay away from self-bullying, external-bullying, self-pitying and external-pitying. Only this way, pessimism can be transformed into optimism and failures into successes. By today, every reader of this article should stop valuing dispiriting and demoralizing factors.


A person with some physical disabilities becomes excessively introvert. They presume themselves the most ignorant creatures of society. They completely lose their hope. Their minds go behind the bars. This terrible condition of complete hopelessness destroys person both physically and mentally. Everybody must know that they are not responsible for what they are or what their physical or social condition is; they are responsible of how they behave. These people should learn the art of adoption.

The art of adoption demands you to accept the reality and strive for joy and happiness. Even if you are in physical imprisonment, do not repent but accept the reality. Adopt the situation and try to do something interesting that can bring joys in your life. Then your adoption will be converted into celebration. Try to look at the brighter side of the picture. If you shy and do not adopt, you will wither away. It should be remembered, the person who does not learn the art of adoption is in real imprisonment and the most terrible prison-cell is human mind.


It is fact that external factors affect human mind but the most significant factor is human mind itself. If the person learns the art of self-contention and self-satisfaction, he can conquer the world. If he can break the bars of his mental prison cell, he can live a jubilant life. Social and societal developments cannot be stopped and are the part of society. But these developments cannot cure the illness of human mental dissatisfaction. Indeed, these developments have their own pros and cons. The human race should not believe in the prophecies that are intimidating. They should stop bullying themselves and learn the art of adoption. These are the secrets to break the shackles and live happy and successful life.

Shehzad Ahmed Sahir

Shehzad Ahmed Sahir

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