Don’t Follow the Mob

Dont follow the mob

Most of the students seem confused about choosing what discipline to follow at university after they are done with their higher secondary education. The biggest question raise in their minds is, which profession should be opted. Majority of them start following the mob; they choose the area of study that is selected by the majority. Such absurd decisions can be catastrophic. It is the job of professional career counsellors, mentors, parents and the professors to bring the students out of this dubious situation and help them choosing the field pertinent to them in terms of their aptitude.
A high school boy can be considered as the most curious creature on the planet. At this stage, the tendency of getting attracted towards every virtuous and malicious thing is common. The heart controls mind at this stage. Emotions are conquering tendency of logic. Now, the person hastily takes decisions. He gets inspiration from the people around him and start following mob. At this level, student’s cautious career counselling becomes inevitable. The parents and other professionals jump into this skeptical situation and guide this pathless creature a right path, so that, s/he would become the useful member of society.
The most significant point here is to stop this emotional and immature person in indulging or getting any nonsensical decision that would reign his entire career. At this stage, student thinks that the path of mob or common trend can be the safer path for him. This illusion leads him towards wrong decision-making. This trap engulfs the career of majority of our younger generation. This terrible situation demands experts to enlighten these youngsters in selecting right career-path.
This is the most critical stage of life. The youngsters want to express their feelings, their plans and ideas. Experts should let them speak. They must be listened. In fact, they must be given chance first to express their views and should not be refuted. Their ideas should be respected. If their ideas are right they should be encouraged but if they are wrong somewhere, they should not be stubbornly negated. They should be urged to realize that they are not born to follow the mob but to make their own path keeping in view their mental chemistry, their aptitudes, their abilities and the better opportunities around them.
To select the most suitable career is quite difficult. But with the help of professional counsellors and guides students can select right career-path. This stage of life needs great attention to construct a bright future. On the other hand, one wrong decision at this crucial stage can ruin entire life. Both students and guardians should spend ample time to choose right career.

Shehzad Ahmed Sahir

Shehzad Ahmed Sahir

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Shehzad Ahmed Sahir

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