Most Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Interview Questions


Tell me about yourself or run me through your resume.


I am privileged to introduce myself. I am __ [Full Name] ___. I live in __[City]__. I have recently completed my Masters/Graduation degree in ___ [Highest Degree’s Name] __ from __ [Degree awarded Institution’s or University’s Full name] __. In addition to this, I have completed my diploma in __[Certification]__ course from __ [Certificate awarded Institute’s/academy’s or university’s name]. I am also computer literate and have (multilingual) bilingual skills. Moreover, I have presentation and program management skills.


I am privileged to introduce myself. I am ____ [Full Name] _____. I live in __[City]__. I have accomplished my ___ [Highest Degree’s Name] degree from __ [Degree awarded Institution’s or University’s Full name] __. I have also done __[Certification]__ course from __ [Certificate awarded Institute’s/academy’s or university’s name] and __ [Name of Certification] __ course from __ [Name of certificate awarded Institute] ___. As far as my professional experiences are concerned, I have _[total years of experience]_ years of _[specify theme/subject(s) you teach]__ teaching experience in __ [Name the institute] __. Furthermore, I have excellent communication and bilingual/multilingual skills.

What are your strengths?

Firstly, I am a good listener. This strength supports me in learning, communicating the message across and getting knowledge. Secondly, I have excellent planning and organizational skills. Lastly, I am quite approachable having good problem solving skills.

What are your weaknesses?

Everybody has some room for improvement in his/her entire life. Being human, I have some weaknesses in context of my professional life. I am perfectionist. I seek out perfection in every task. Although, it is almost next to impossible to achieve 100% but one can give his best. Furthermore, I try to complete several tasks at the same time. That’s why, I engaged myself in various tasks and run out of time. Because of these weaknesses, I do not give enough time to my family and friends. These are what I personally feel as my weaknesses.

Why should we hire you?


As my resume shows, I do not have any previous professional work experience and I admit. But as I mentioned that I have recently graduated from college/university and I have fresh mind and unique ideas to practice in the institution to get better results. In addition to this, I am energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about my career. That is why, I will pay my 100% attention on my job to accomplish the objectives of the institution. Lastly, ‘actions speak louder than words’ if you give me a chance I can practically prove my skills.


Firstly, my educational qualifications and professional experience(s) meet the eligibility criteria you mentioned in the advertisement. Secondly, I am a good communicator, good learner having problem solving skills. In addition to this, I want to work for the institution/organization where I could utilize my expertise to achieve institutional/organizational goals. What I believe is, your institution/organization can provide me the most suitable platform in this regard. Furthermore, it will be a great opportunity for me to work with the team of professional in a competitive environment.

Where do you see yourself in the next four or five years?


I will give the best of my capabilities. My growth in the upcoming five years depends upon the culture of this organization of how they bless the dedicated workers and with what speed. But right now, I am eager to start my professional career with your institute/organization. I believe in sharing my innovative and creative ideas. I would focus on my professional development under the supervision of the seniors and expect to be promoted with a better pace.


My work experience with other organizations will provide me the ample opportunities to develop myself professionally. I understand that it is not easy to achieve some higher position in any institution/organization. But, if I am selected, I will utilize my expertise and skills. My actions will prove my worth. I try my best to accomplish the targets assigned to me on time to prepare myself for professional and hierarchal development. It is common desire indeed to get better position in the society. That is why, on the basis of my efforts and hard work, I am expecting to be promoted to some higher position.

What do you know about this company/institute?

[The answer of this question will be according to the nature of institution or organization. So, like other questions this question should also be rephrased/redeveloped accordingly].
This is one of the most prestigious companies/institutes of the country. The institute/organization is famous for its [you can mention brand name e.g., education or any product]. Every individual associated with this institution/organization is highly admired in the society. These are the most convincing factors which I find different as compared to the other institutions or organizations. (make the red line general)

How well do you handle the change?

It would be quite challenging for many people to deal with the change. But I believe that, changes in life make it more comfortable beautiful and full of energy. It is true that human nature does not like sameness and I am not the exception in this regard. In my previous office, we were assigned various new tasks and there were some infrastructural changes as well. But because of good team-work, we dealt with the new situations easily. In fact, we enjoyed change and we all seemed more energetic and our boss was also quite happy with us.

How well do you work under pressure?

What I believe is; It should be the duty of every employee to be loyal with his/her work/job. For me, under pressure or without pressure is same. I am hardworking and quite approachable person. Furthermore, I faced tense situations in my previous workplace whenever we had workload, me and my colleagues made plan and assigned various tasks to all the team members and achieved our targets. Sometimes, one individual had to do a lot of things but again we got help from our colleagues, made plan and prioritized activities and achieved our target without getting any extra pressure.

How do you handle/take important decisions?

It is easy to get decisions but to get a right decision is quite challenging. The positive thing about me is, I am not hasty. Whenever I have to get important decisions, I consult with my seniors and my boss. I get guidance and consider all the suggestions. I contemplate and after spending ample amount of time, I take any decision.

What is your salary expectation?


At this nascent stage of my professional career, I would like to focus on my professional development. Salary really does not matter. I expect from you to give me salary that suit my education and your institute’s/organization’s norms.


I am expecting a handsome amount of salary according to the market demand. I also want to know about your institute’s/ organization’s norms regarding salary for professionals. [you can further negotiate]

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