Become a Good Speaker

become a good speaker

“The art of war,” said Napoleon, “is a science in which nothing succeeds which has not been calculated and thought out”. That is as true of speaking as of shooting. A talk is a voyage. It must be charted. The late Dr. Conwell built many of his talks on this plan:

  • State your facts
  • Argue from them
  • Appeal for action

There is something besides mere words in a talk which counts; it is the flavor with which they are delivered. It is not so much what you say it. Many speakers ignore their hearer stare over at the floor. They seem to be delivering a soliloquy. There is no sense of communication, no give and take between audience and speaker. That kind of attitude would kill conversation, it also kills a speech.

Everyone has the ability to deliver a talk. If you question this statement, try it out for yourself, knock down the most ignorant man you know; when he gets on his feet, they will probably say something and his manner of saying them will be almost flawless. One should take same naturalness when talk in public. To develop it needs practice. Do not imitate others. If you speak spontaneously you will speak differently from anyone else in the world. Put your own individuality, your own characteristic manner into your delivery. Talk to your hearers just as if you expected them to stand up in a moment and talk back to you. If they were to rise and ask you questions, your delivery would almost be sure to improve emphatically and at once. So, imagine that someone has asked you a question and that you are repeating it. Say aloud, “How do I know this I will tell you”…. That sort of thing will seem perfectly natural; it will break up the formality of your phraseology it will warm and humanize your manner of talking.

According to experiments conducted by Carnegie institute of Technology, personality has more to do with business success than the possession of superior knowledge. This pronouncement is as true of speaking as of business. Personality however is such an intangible and an elusively mysterious thing that it is almost impossible to give directions as to how to develop it.

Crowd you audience together. No group is easily influenced when it is scattered. An individual as a member of a compact audience will laugh, applaud and approve things that he might question and oppose if he were addressed singly or if he were on a group scattered through a large room. If you are speaking to a small group, pack them in a small room and don’t stand on a platform. Get down on small level with them. Make your talk intimate, informal and conversational.

To close speaking is really its most strategic element. Don’t talk about stopping. Plan your ending carefully; plan almost word for word how you are going to close, round off talk. Get a good ending and a good beginning and get them close together. Always stop before your audience wishes you to stop.

Saying with conviction in your words; trust in your delivery; confident in your gestures and posture make you the possessor of a personality with the potential to move mountains with words. Face is called to be the index of heart; the above stated things if done rightly can make your face the true index of your heart, otherwise, people do not give a damn to stumbling legs and trembling voices. They confide the vigorous gaits and the loud and clear utterances full of meaning.

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