Impact of Technology on the Performance of Students


Technology and its impact on students’ lives is a debatable topic. Everyone especially parents are curious about the use of technology for their children’s learning. They have always got grave concerns about the technology affecting their children’s development. They are in doubt whether technology assists learning. Does this generation expect each and everything of their lives easy, joyful and entertaining? Technology directly or indirectly affects many areas of one’s life in positive ways and in negative also but it depends on our use.




Same like professional life communication is very important part of student’s life. Technology has solved this issue by providing many computer and mobile applications for communication. By using these applications students can arrange group discussion, owing to which students do not need to go anywhere physically. Through communication technologies students can keep themselves up to date about their class schedules and exam dates etc.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is the ultimate way that has introduced quality learning techniques. In the distance or electronic learning system students can learn at their own pace. This is a comfortable way to get education or training from anywhere. Technology gives the opportunity to the students to have control on their education because tool like laptops, tablets and e-readers encourage collaborative and hands-on learning.

Increase Motivation

It will never be wrong to say that technology has increased the motivation of students. Technology makes students more excited about learning. Kids learn with interest while playing education games on computer or tablets. According to a research this approach of education system has improved the learning for school students.



Health Issues

The addiction to the technology is damaging more than our health. According to a research in the United States, adult students spend average of 11 hours a day in front of a screen. In the UK, beside the adults, kids are spending 6 to 7 hours in front of a screen like computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. Spending a big amount of time from day like this cause Digital Eye Strain.  It Includes Dry Eyes, Blurred Sight, Back pain, Neck pain and Headache.


Surplus use of technology isolates you from society and your family. This is a type of illness which happens due to lack of contact with others in normal daily life. With the passage of time you will feel exhausted and irritated among the crowd of people, and the same will happen when you sit with your family. In that case you can spend hours in front of screen and you will feel comfortable with that but you will not feel comfortable with other people.

Poor Sleeping Habits/ Insomnia

As the facilities have increased by the technology like easy communication (through Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp etc.) and a lots of entertainment and fun over the internet,` everyone is restless busy with it. This engagement with the technology can be linked to the negative effects of technology because it leads to poor sleep habits.

Lack of Social Skills

Obviously we learn and polish our skills from our surroundings which is known as society. If someone isolates himself from society for sure he will be missing the he opportunity of getting skilled. These social skills are communication skills, presentation skills, debate skills and other life skills.

Lose of Mental Faculty

Back in the days students are taught by traditional teaching approaches which compels the students to solve the issues by themselves. But in the present era technology involved learning systems made this generation very much dependent on technology. For every query in their studies instead of thinking about it and solving it they go for Google which is an easy to way to solve any problem without thinking. It has totally destroyed the intelligence and thinking power of students.

Technology assisted learning is no doubt the fastest way to grasp over knowledge but the drawback is the fact that such mode of learning make us rely more on memory devices than on our memory which results into a dependent understanding and a hollow wisdom. This also leads to more verbal learning and less non-verbal learning. Technology has become the mouth piece of the students at times and at some other times turned the learners into mere machine operators who press some buttons to show the knowledge they have got in AVs.

Let us make it simple and brief; technology should be used to the extent until it instead of assisting the students, replace them. Technology should not over shadow man.

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