Role of Electronic Media in Career Counseling

role of electronic media

Electronic Media is a one of the most rigorous modes of communication that can widely influence the minds of the people of various age levels. On one hand, it can transform the opinion, ideology and interests and on the other hand it strengthens the plans and career goals which are set by any group or individual but at the same time it also demands for professional counselor, otherwise the negativity of media networks might distract or devastatingly defile its users. That is why; accurate usage of this source for shaping better career is becoming inevitable with the assistance of professional career coach.

Now here, rudimentary qualification is to provide knowledge to the masses through informative programs, talk shows, current affairs, documentaries and national or international news. Through these programs people can enlarge their world view and amplify their knowledge of diverse worldly affairs. It could also be the preeminent way to learn through entertainment, irrespective of age and gender factor. The people can tune the programs of their interest like; kids and adult shows, dramas, animated movies, songs; stage, fashion and cooking shows; science, art, literature, culture, adventure, photography, history, philosophy and many more. In this way; the interest and inclination of any person is much easier to discover as compared to other psychological or analytical tests.

The negative facet of the media cannot be ignored. Sometimes they cover only black and white images of the society that could badly affect the minds of laymen, consequently, it creates great hostility inside him and this negative capability would be hard to eradicate from the minds and souls of such people. Moreover; the media uses vague information regarding different issues that create misconceptions and conflicts. In addition to this; it could create filthy and antagonistic feelings in the hearts and minds of the users; that is why, the role of professional counselor is unavoidable.

Media is considered the biggest and the most influential weapon of great powers throughout the history. It has been used to infuse into the minds of the viewers, the desired lessons in an entertaining way. Not whatever presented by media should be taken for granted. Not every time, the protagonist or the hero may necessary be a role model for us. For example, in any drama serial or a movie, the hero is sometimes showed a person with extreme passion who even in the humiliating occasion does not raise the voice for his rights and is presented as an adorable patient person. This is some fact which can never be favored. A hero should be one who instead of doing some action always busy in contemplation. Life is said to be action not contemplation. When media is used as an instrument of power, such scenes are sponsored and broadcasted to make people lazy and procrastinate.

When it comes to various programs; like science and technology broadcasting’s mould the thinking of the viewers and make them realize their interest in this field and the art and literature programs shape the interest of spectators accordingly. The culinary art programs can ignite the hidden cooking skills of both genders; this way they can accomplish expertise in this thriving field. Other fields like; drawing, painting, embroidery, photography, etcetera can also influence the target person. In some cases people can be inspired and influenced by every program and profession and get confused of how to make out their field of interest; so now in such situations; the professional counselor starts scrutinizing the profession for which the person born for.

This lucid and aphoristic account of ‘Role of Electronic Media in Career Counseling’ encapsulates the pivotal role of electronic media in shaping the careers of the nations. It could be a very low cost way of assessing the person’s concealed concerns. With the guidance of career therapist one can easily resolve this mystery of the most suitable career. The article leaves so many questions unanswered in the minds of the readers because the dormant purpose is to compel the reader to think out of the box and seek for the new things. It is also suggested to read some books/documents; Using Technology to Deliver Career and School Guidance Services: Establishing a Global and Inclusive Ethical Framework by Harvey Schmelter-Davis, Kate Anthony and DeeAnna M. Nagel and another worth reading concise book is; Career Counseling: Foundations, Perspective and Applications (2nd Ed) by David Capuzzi and Mark D. Stauffer. Lastly, this article cannot cover all the aspects of this multidimensional topic; so, the readers are further suggested to go for some extra miles to get profound knowledge about it.


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