Factors Affecting Career Development


The need of this article is immense because the concrete knowledge about the career affecting factors should be known to children, parents, career oriented students, adults, teachers or even professional counselors. To have a vivacious discussion upon some career affecting factors like economic, sociological, psychological, educational and opportunity is inevitable but before enumerating  these factors it is worth worthy to peep into the definition of career counseling for getting insight of this pivotal concept.

Now the probable definition of career development I could provide; would be; “the process of managing, learning, and progressing in education, professional development, business, sociological, psychological, and being determined for unbreakable growth of lifelong progress.” This definition provides a gateway to the career seekers for acquisition of knowledge and skills, developmental skills in education, job and profession. Furthermore, vivid elucidation of the factors affecting career development provides an edge to think out of the box to acquire better results.

First of all the economic factor is discussed because of its indispensable role in overall career shaping process. It is a preconceived notion; if a person is economically sound; s/he can easily shape his/her successful career but it is not that much convincing argument for the professional counselors. A person having wealthy background can also have career shaping challenges and s/he also may need a career counselor assistance.  On the other hand, a person with financial scarcity could face so many challenges in his career journey because s/she could not have plenty of guidance facilities but the forums like www.Counsellorshome.com provide free of cost chances of career assistance. Now, through these sorts of online forums; experts provide guidance and minimize the devastating effect of financial factors.

Second important factor that has an unavoidable role in person’s life is sociological. This particular factor can affect personality, attitude and lifestyle and change the entire personality of the people.  If the person is the part of society of educated, honest, patriotic, noble and professional people then his personality would be influenced by these factors. If the person is the part of corrupt, disloyal, nonprofessional, and law breakers then it would be very difficult for him to stay his personality away from these evils. Therefore, this factor should be seriously considered by the counselors for better counseling.

Third important factor that has fundamental role in career counseling is psychological factor. This factor affects interest, aptitude and intelligence of the people. Now, the need of identifying the interest of the person is extremely important and guides him/her accordingly. The person having high aptitude can be a very good detective and resolve unsolved cases in a very short span of time and can excel in the intelligence department. They can also be very good in science. Such people can bring revolutionary changes in their fields or profession.

Fourth important factor is as important as the rest of the factors which are briefly discussed in this article. By considering above three factors successful career aspirant should be guided regarding his/her field of interests. If a person is interested in mathematics or numbers he could be a good mathematician, another student could be very good in studying animals or plants, so, this person could be a good botanist or zoologist, or doctor and if the person is interested in nature, beauty, or poetry s/he could be a great literary scholars, poet, author, philosopher or critique. Once the counselor identifies the appropriate skills then that person should be given relevant opportunity which is the last factor that affects career counseling. This last factor can change the entire life of any person. This factor cannot be detached from the rest which have been discussed above. Now, after careful counsel, the person need appropriate opportunity that matches his/her economical, psychological, sociological and educational background. This relevant opportunity must have strong connection with his overall career or professional plan. For example; if a student of any specific faculty wants to get admission in any university to pursue his post-graduation or doctoral degree then he should be provided the guidance for the scholarship (fully funded or partially funded) availing criterion which would make his desire true.

This brief discussion provides insight about the factors affecting in career counseling. The role of these factors should be considered while providing guidance or getting guidance regarding career. Apart from these major factors the readers are suggested to read more about this subject to get deep knowledge.

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