Role of Parents in Socialization of Children

role of parents

Brainpower is the only factor of child’s success in school and later on in life. It is very important to develop certain character traits of the child, so that the intellect would fully come to the fore. Parents build a foundation which is to shape the child’s self confidence, independence and desire for research and learning. The most important features that the child needs to develop are: the sense of responsibility; self confidence and independence.  These features or traits of character are primarily developed through interactions between parents and children in the family. Parents should assign different demands and responsibilities to the children keeping their age in view.

Already in the early age a child should put away his/her toys, if not, the first time, we should scold them but we could offer to do it together, but if a child persistently refuses to put away his/her toys we should warn that we will simply take the toys away and then we should really pack and place them. Parents should take into account the personality of their children, to encourage those activities in which they are successful because in this way we strengthen their confidence, they create a sense of achievement and motivation to try the activities they have less success in doing . If the child likes to swim we should encourage him/her  to exercise more, learn the style of swimming instead to ask him/her to learn to ride a bike,  If she or he does not like that. If your child achieved success in swimming, he or she will gain extra confidence and probably will learn to ride a bike.

Every child needs independence and the parent’s response to this need can stimulate the development of independence, or push the child to become even more dependent and insecure. If a child indicates a desire to tie a shoe laces by his/her own we should help him/her in this, but we will not deny that desire.

If the child is accustomed to the parents doing everything for her/him, it will be insecure and won’t be interested in accomplishing tasks independently, which will negatively affect the fulfilment of other obligations. Besides a parent who does everything experiencing for the child stops him/her from experiencing success. A positive reaction is also important; praise each attempt of the child’s independent activity because in this way a child develops a sense of confidence and motivation for learning new activities.

The sense of responsibility is extremely important for the success of every man. This is something we develop since the earliest childhood. The child must learn to bear the consequences of his/her activities. If a child deliberately destroys a toy you should explain why it is not nice and what is the damage made. We should also say you will not buy other toys until you are sure that the child will not destroy the existing ones. When a child starts to go to school, he /she should be mature enough to accept the compulsory education, so first the homework then the play.

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