Impact of Family on the Learning of Student

Impact of Family on the Learning of Students

The impact of family on the learning of student is a very sensitive issue for the parents. There is a great relationship between student life and family’s impact on it. It is family from where a student starts his life in real sense. Educational departments come later which have also importance in his life. Family has far more contribution than academics particularly during teen age. Student life is to do a big deal with both family and school, for him both play vital role. If it comes to personal building and upbringing, it is family that has more impact on a child’s life than academic departments. A child can obtain top score from the positive behavior from family and can also leave school due to personal stress facing from the family. Family is the first platform.

Mentally healthy child becomes a healthy student. Every student who is active and healthy has some sort of family support in his life. Two kinds of impacts come directly from family and affect a student accordingly, encouraging effect and discouraging effect. Student can sustain his education with the spirit of family and can lead a good life from this impact, on the side of the coincidence if a student remains depressed due to domestic disturbance; there is less chance to lead an educated life. A child is said to be a student of two schools i-e family a real school in real sense and the school where he goes every day. Child should be confident both emotionally and mentally for his formal education.

If it comes to the relationship between school and family, there is a big thing that counts parents and teachers meeting to discuss issues that are related to a student. In family father and mother are two basic pillars that support the student the most. They are like two wheels for the life carriage to go with success.

It is very important for the parents that they should play their role in bringing up of their children. After all they are the only ones that a child meets the most. Parents should do every legal work to send their children to school. According to the constitution, they can even go for laws if their child refuses to go to school. It is the first and foremost responsibility to educate their children. Mother plays more important part than father in this connection. Still they together have equal responsibility towards their children. If they are responsible, the future of the child is bright and if they are irresponsible the future of the child is dark.

So, family and school are two interdependent things, ones role without another is almost meaningless, both are of equal importance. This awareness should be awakening both, teachers in school and parents in families.

Family affects much the mind of the child who lives there and goes to school, the more the positive impact on child the better a student he becomes. So family, parents, other members in family, school and teachers together can make a child’s life well as well as destroys it, it is in their hands. Every member of the family should know about the impact of family on the learning of student.

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